Monday, February 15, 2021

February 15, 2021

February 15th, 2021

It's another snow day here at All My Kitties! We've got lots of cats here today and lots of fun pictures for you all!

Tucker was super pleased to get some rolling time on the cardboard scratcher 

Marvin did lots of active exploring downstairs! He loves being up high so he can see everything below

Rocky did a lot of chilling, and escaped both the cold outside and the noise inside in one of our outdoor heated baskets!

Scarlet is just the cutest! We love her little squeaky meows when she wants some love

Skylar just got here today and is settling in. Here he is looking out of his condo and checking out the room

Manny was not too happy that I interupted his nap up on top of the condos

Kuro is another napping cat who was annoyed at me interrupting! Sorry Kuro!

Jessica, on the other hand, stayed sleeping when I snuck up to get a photo of her

Lily found a great spot to survey the room and keep an eye on all the other kitties here. She is such a beautiful color!

Juno found the best spot in the cattery to get some face rubbing in!

Jack likes to follow me around, and helped me out in the litter room today

Jinx didn't let the snow stop him from getting outside time. And that picture with his foot up is just too funny!

Jonesy did some quality rolling around today

He also got some playtime with me and Scarlet in!

He played hard, and then slept hard up against the side of the condo

Hobbes prefered to mostly stay curled up in his den today

Felix also enjoys keeping himself warm and snuggled up in his den

Azizi has been loving the tops of the condos, but always comes to the edge to pop his out down when I come by

Anubis hung out with Azizi for a bit, but also found several other good spots to lounge in

That's it for today! Thanks for checking out our blog and we'll see you next time! Have a purrfect night!



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