Saturday, September 16, 2023

September 16, 2023

 Sept 16

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

Luke and Valentin have become fast friends!
Ruby T before catnip and after catnip! Look at those toes! 

Valentin exploring the lower part of the catio!

Babka watching over the office

Pacho loves the catio!

Sammy stays cozy in their cubby

Mushu exploring the catio
 and Sammy napping in their condo

Opal posing in the cozy bed

Greta helping me with paperwork

Zeus napping on the condos

Bella cozy in a catio basket and 
Luna showing us their airplane ears and exploring the catio

Clovis keeping watch over the office

Stevie staying cozy 

Sandy Mittens coming out for some attention

Ruby W exploring the catio
Duck hanging out with Luna and posing on top of the condos

Quinn staying cozy in a cubby and 
Franklin telling us all about the birds they see!

Sweetums finding a cozy place on top of the condos

Charlie contemplating what to do next at the water bowl
 and hanging out on the catio

Murphy coming out after breakfast for some pets

Ollie creating their own cave and Otis enjoying window time

Felix chilling in their cubby and Scarlett napping on the cat tree

Milo trying out the catio. 

Roxanne posing in the sun and hanging with Charlie

Aioli coming out for a stretch

Mittens loves catio baskets

Brio has found their fave place at the top of the stairs

We will see you Monday!
-AMK Team

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