Wednesday, September 6, 2023

September 6, 2023


        Happy Wednesday! Another pawsitively beautiful sunny day at AMK!

Mr. Luke in his usual hang out at the top of the stairs!

Nala is such a sweet silly girl!

Ruby enjoying the fresh air, and not impressed with my photo taking!

Valentin being a sweet boy and getting lots of attention! 

Lucy having a blast on the catio and Tommy hanging out up stairs!

Roger & Trudy hanging out in their condo an watching the goings-on! 

Babka loves to pop out and attack the feather toy!

Beans & Francis are some cool cats. Friendly and chill!

Moose boy demanding more playtime! 

Archie getting in on the action too! 

Pacho being adorable and giving a big meow! 

Neko popping out to say hi! 

Oscar being his sweet and curious self!

Goldi, Lenny & Louis arrived yesterday and are already feeling confident and at home!

Cleo & Jake already into the swing of things and finding their favorite spots!

Mushu jumping from shelf to shelf on the catio while Sammy rests in the condo!

Teo is doing great, exploring and adjusting well!

Well that's all for now AMK family! See you Friday :) 

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