Thursday, October 26, 2023

October 26, 2023

 October 26, 2023

It's almost the weekend! Things are just delightful with our feline friends today. 

Boris did some exploration up high! I think this counts as supervising training...

Bug has been brave and curious today! She is exploring the catio, but she'll take a quick break for some pets and cuddles!


I think Felix and Scarlet are both very entertained by Peanut! They've been to AMK plenty of times, so they get to watch all the newbies settle in. 

Jessica, looking as beautiful as ever, has made her rounds about the cattery this morning. She wasn't sure about how chilly it was this morning, but now that the sun has come out she's interested!

Laptop is so handsome! His fur almost blends right in to the flooring in the office. He's alternating between sniffing every corner and hanging out in the window seats!

Miss Lila loves that her condo is right next to the catio - she can take a look outside without leaving the comfort of her own room whenever she wants!

Luna was so tricky to take a photo of this morning, all she wanted was cuddles! I couldn't help but oblige. 

Merci was giving the condo her head boops until I stopped taking her photo, then *I* got all the head boops! What a gorgeous lady!

Peanut, our resident office entertainer, loves checking everything out! He is so curious about the other kitties, the windows, the different places he can explore... Everyone has enjoyed watching him discover so much!

What a handsome man Salvador is! He got to explore the catio a bit this morning, but ultimately decided it was too chilly to nap out there. I found him getting ready for a little nap!

Schrodinger has a new BFF, and they could be twins... (see below)
I almost thought I was seeing double!

...Shotn is taking notes from Schrodinger while they both enjoy the views from a top shelf on the catio!

And last but not least, Ziggy! Wow, did Ziggy look stunning in that morning light earlier. He has gotten so comfortable wandering around the catio, it's a joy to have him come say hello as I walk around!

That's all for today! More kitties, more cuddles, and more birdwatching to come on Saturday. 😁

AMK Team

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