Sunday, October 22, 2023

October 22nd, 2023

October 22nd

Happy Sunday! Our lovely guests are enjoying a cozy day of snuggles and naps. 

Baker got to enjoy a nice Churu treat, and Kyrie is back in her basket! When in doubt, she's usually curled up high enjoying a quiet nap!
Casey looked like she was ready for her big modeling break with her beautiful face! She plays shy sometimes, but she's a real love bug. 

Chutney has really been enjoying being the head supervisor around here! He may not have ALL of the qualifications, but he's certainly above our heads and supervising!

Feldspar and I had a really lovely snuggle session today, and Gabbro loves the butt scratches!

Felix, who usually is pretty uninterested in us, had a blast playing with some toys for a bit today! Everyone still has a little kitten in them when the toys come out!

Scarlett is making sure the office has the comfiest seating available! 


Fennec was in such a funny mood today! He was so playful and curious, AND wanted pets! It was a day full of activity for him! 
 Nagi was really most interested in a cozy day for herself. Nothing like a good nap with a warm blanket!

Jules has been hanging out at the top of the stairs with Mantou, Luna, and Roscoe, just sitting around and chatting!

Goldie really appreciates the nice, cozy nooks we have around. She's a real connoisseur of comfort!

Lenny and Louis are two sweet brothers who have different interests! Lenny really wanted to just be pet by his human friends, and Louis wanted to go hang out on the catio with his kitty friends!

Oh my gosh, isn't miss Lucy just perfect? She's such a little cutie, and she loves these high shelves on the catio!

Luna has been doing a lot of exploring recently! She loves the top of the stairs the most, but she'll come down and investigate to make sure everything is up to her standards!

Isn't Mantou just the most precious little baby?! Look at her! She totally knows how to get our attention!

Our goofball littles, Peanut and Pistachio, are just the most precious little guys. Peanut is determined to love Poche... You'll see!

Puss N Boots had a cozy, cuddly nap on top of some condos today. He was really making himself comfortable, rolling around until he stretched juuuust right!

Bootsie in her usual cozy cabin bed, we had to get some pets in!

See! Poche and Peanut, fated to be the best of friends... Well, Poche isn't too sure yet, but Peanut is sold!

Roscoe has been visiting AMK for many years now, and totally has his routine down. Today, after his morning adventure to the catio, he enjoyed a nice cozy nap in his bed!


Schrodinger came around today to hang out with me! It was really nice getting some one on one time with him.

Lila is a shy gal but anytime i come over to say hi she'll pop her head out for pets!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Tuesday!
-AMK Team


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