Friday, November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

 Nov 3rd

Happy Friday! 

Peanut with some playtime and asking for pets

Jessica waiting patiently for some pets

Salvador staying cozy this morning 

Edgar keeping watch from the closet and their condo

Kirby with some playtime and posing for the camera

Pudding loves to be where Peanut is but also explores on their own

Jelly exploring up high in the catio

Eren keeping watch from the top of a condo

Bernie has learned they love the windows and are slowing getting to know other cats

Edie staying cozy in their condo

Opal has a favorite basket on the catio

Tico exploring the tops of condos and loving on some silvervine

Athena exploring the catio

Cleo staying cozy and Jake bird watching on the catio

Moose tucked in after breakfast

We will see you Sunday!

-AMK Team

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