Wednesday, November 15, 2023

November 15, 2023

 November 15th

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Jessica strutting her stuff on the catio

Kirby getting some sunny time in the window 
and being in love with Peanut

Eren prancing on the catio

Luna says "Did I hear treats?"

Moon poking out from the shelves

Mocha prefers the catio while
 Pepper found a cozy heated bed

Gambo getting jumped on by Gogo and 
Gogo hanging out with Pistachio

Nala would like some pets please

Peanut and Pistachio are both making new friends!

Bazbeaux coming in to say hi!

Dexter and Portia both like the high up shelves in the condos

Miso and Mochi exploring all around

Turlough watching the other cats from the comfort of his cubby

Charlie watching from up high and
 trying out the window box

We will see you Friday! 
-AMK Team

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