Thursday, July 16, 2020

July 16

Our kitties are cool for the summer!

Pepper is raising the roof!

Annabel is getting adjusted in her condo!

Bazbeaux is enjoying the catio!

Charlie is coming up for some pets!

Coco loves it in her basket!

Fairy does her upside down stretch!

Italy is looking pretty on the top ledge of the catio!

Maggie's colorings make her look like a beautiful painting!

Nina is relaxing in her basket!

Qtip is so cute!

Reina has the prettiest eyes!

Rizzo is loving the catio!

Rome is exploring the catio!

Simba is atop his ledge!

Skylar says "No photos, please! I'm too cozy."

Smokey has a bright and beautiful face!

Hope all the pet parents out there are staying cool!
From Marie, Maddie, Kara
All My Kitties

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