Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 18

Kitties are great way to beat the summer heat!

Charlie is dancing around for some pets!

Connor is appreciating the top of the basket!

Annabel giving us those sweet "puppy dog" eyes!

We caught Coco mid-meow!

Fairy sleeping like a princess!

Gizmo's favorite place is on the catio!

Italy taking a cat nap!

Maggie is a pretty kitty!

Peaches is coming up to say hello!

Pepper is chilling in her bed!

Petunia is keeping warm in her heated basket!

Qtip loves her usual spot on the window perch!

Reina is ready for her breakfast!

Rizzo is getting some grooming in!

Rome is emerging from the catio to show off his fluff!

Skylar is soaking up the sun!

Smokey loves it on top of the condo!

Travis was a good helper today keeping our morale up!

Violet is snoozing in her basket!

Bazbeaux is the king of the catio!

We wish all the pet parents a safe and happy day!
From Marie, Maddie, Kara
All My Kitties

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