Saturday, July 25, 2020

July 25

Another day of fun at All My Kitties!

Bazbeaux is relaxing on the catio!

Asiago is resting on top of his condo!

Connor saw a bird!

Gizmo is cat napping in the sun!

Havarti is snuggling up on his comfy mat!

Henry came out of his cat house to greet me!

Lulu is getting adjusted!

 Maggie is keeping hydrated!

Marvin likes his dome!

Pepper is enjoying the cat tree!

Quorra likes hanging out on top of the condo!

Skyler is coming out of his basket to say hi!

Annbel is liking it in her "kitty kasa"!

Peaches is lapping up some water!

Travis is walking up for some pets!

Violet is taking a nap in her den!

We hope you are enjoying your day!
From Marie, Maddie, and Kara
All My Kitties

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