Saturday, November 21, 2020

November 21, 2020

 November 21, 2020

Things are starting to get busy here at All My Kitties! We have lots of guests staying with us over Thanksgiving and lots of photos to share this Caturday!

Fennel and Shibden are settling in after their first night here! And of course getting some quality snuggle time in together. 

Shaggy is also settling in and has been exploring the office! Here he is cozied up in his den.

Roxy is another newcomer, also cozied up in her den! 

Rizzo can be found lounging in many different spots in the cattery throughout the day!

Riga just arrived and is not too sure about us yet! But she's been enjoying the spot she found out on the catio

Phil has been exploring the cattery and checking out all the best places for scratching!

Nando has been getting more comfortable and finding all the best office spots to perch and observe!

Mona prefers to stay in her condo but always comes out for pets when we come by!

Millie got some quality lap time and snuggles in with me today!

Maxwell isn't too sure about me or this place yet and prefers to stay hidden. That's okay Maxwell! Whatever makes you comfortable

Lucy settled right in and has been enjoying the sun on the catio!

Jinx likes to be constantly close to us and enjoys a bath up on top of the condos while we clean!

Harington gets a great selfie with another one of our wranglers, Kara!

Greyson gets a good vantage point to see what we're up to at the sink!

Here's Greyson, Harington and Phil hanging out near each other and borrowing a condo for the day!

Geno comes out of his den to say hi when we come by!

And sister Bella is nearby getting her snack on!

Chewy poses for some selfies with me again during his daily lap time. He loves the attention!

And Blue is another newcomer who is taking her time to warm up to the cattery, but has been getting cozy on her own!

That's it for today folks! Have a puurrfect Caturday and we'll see you next time!


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