Tuesday, November 10, 2020

November 10, 2020

 November 10, 2020

A quieter day here at All My Kitties! But still plenty of fun to share!

Aziz has been lounging on top of the condos and is very adament about pets! We love how chatty he is!

Jinx and I have been getting acquainted! He's curious about what I'm doing all day

Misha prefers to stay snuggled up inside her den

And so does Missy! Not too impressed with my wake up call today!

Chewy, as always, takes a darn good selfie during our snuggle sesh

Kittens Coco and Cosmo have also been getting some good lap time, both apart and together!

Sarge is not so sure about the kittens...here he is watching them play down below!

Oreo is cuddled up inside his condo, taking advantage of our soft fleece bedding!

His brother, Panther, follows me around and loves attention! He's too quick for most of the pictures I take of him!

Sailor also likes to watch me, but he prefers the top of the condos! (Look at his little stretched toes!)

And Harington quickly makes it clear he prefers a shoulder to observe from!

That's it for today folks, hope you have a purrrfect night!

All My Kitties

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