Friday, November 6, 2020

 November 6th, 2020

Another great day here at All My Kitties! 

Almond's been out and about and exploring the cattery!

As always, Chewy gets his daily snuggles on my lap!

Kittens Coco and Cosmo are settling in and getting comfortable on their first day!

Harington is also getting settled and exploring his new condo!

Lazlo likes to follow me around on top of the condos and meow for pets!

Leon also likes to keep an eye on what I'm doing through the day and makes sure he gets enough attention!

Misha likes to cozy up in the dens on top of the condos

Caught Missy mid roll and got a great yawning candid!

Puss N Boots is getting reacclimated to the cattery on his first day back here!

Ripley likes to have a high vantage point to watch me in the office!

Sailor has been quite the explorer lately! Here he is checking out the den above his!

Sarge gets his lap cuddles in while I answer emails!

And Tiger's warmed up to me a lot! He followed me around and rubbed on my legs all day today.

That's it for today, hope you have a puurrrfect night!

-All My Kitties

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  1. Thanks for posting! We love seeing our kitty while we are gone, and look forward to checking the blog. We really appreciate knowing that our other family member is in good hands!