Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 1, 2023

It's April fools day but we aren't letting the cats trick us today!

Fergus hanging out with Merlin on the catio

Momo hanging in their condo and getting some window time! 

Nisa Boo getting that play time in!

Millie taking field trips to the catio makes her happy

Merlin wanting some pets in his condo and Ollie exploring the catio

Vincent hangin gin his condo and also finding a hiding spot he likes

Otter hanging with his new best friend, Nisa Boo

Birdie enjoying the shelves in the catio!

Tommy is a catio pro now, he's always bird watching! 

DeAndra did not want to leave the heated cabin for a photo

Bayley just hanging out 

Marcel coming out for stretch and showing us how strong he is on the scratcher

Blue and Brio sleepy after spending the morning watching birds. 

Baxbeaux enjoying some catnip and his favorite basket

Harvey has many faces.

Waffles in her favorite bird watching spot

Edie keeping watch

Mantou getting comfy on the top of the condos

Mac and Octane posing for the camera

Hyra and Brutus showing their best yawns! It's tiring being so cute!

Elko hides the 1st day then explores the 2nd!

Yennefer wanting all the pets!

Bootsie and Puss "n" Boots each found cubbies they like

Archer and Janeway hanging in their condo

We will see you all on Monday! 

-AMK Team

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  1. Millie looks so good. Are you all actually taking her downstairs and out to the Catio? Above and beyond! ❤️