Sunday, April 9, 2023

April 9, 2023

 April 9th

Happy Easter Sunday Everyone! 

Elko getting some pets and spending some time with the catnip!

Yennefer showing you her best meerkat impression

Kuma just being so cute.
Mango enjoying the window and CC wanting some belly rubs

Mantou says this basket is very comfortable

Pepper being so cute!

Roxanne getting those head pets!

Sushi thinks this is a great toy 
and Shadow is just chilling in their cubby

Hana and Yuki settling in with naps and pets

Baker hanging is his condo

Kyrie showing us how they get into their favorite basket

Casey found the catio cabins today!

Marigold exploring up high and 
Momo letting us know how much he likes the catio

Boba likes to hang out with CC and Mango

Apollo heard there might be treats?

Jules and Kuma hanging out 

Cocoa chilling in their condo after breakfast

Jessica would like to know why we want her photo...

Meredith Gray getting some pets and
 Biggie Smalls just taking it all in

Maggie chilling in her bed

Petunia enjoying that catio time

Smokey getting comfortable in their condo

Jasperr out exploring on his first day out and 

Pearrl still a little reserved on her first exploring day

Bunny and Hugo are so photogenic!

Waffles telling us how many birds she saw today

We will see you Monday! 

-AMK Team

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