Saturday, April 15, 2023

April 15, 2023

April 15th  

Happy Caturday everyone! 

The kitties have a beautiful garden for bird watching.
 The flowers are really coming in! 
As spring weather approaches, 
we start to a variety of flowers. 
Explore this link to see what flowers to 
keep out of your cute critter's reach

Elko asking for some pets at the top of a condo

Yennifer with the big stretch

Marigold found a good look-out shelf & 
Momo getting the string toy!

Boba has many faces, all of them want pets

Pepper loving being zoom groomed

Kuma with many poses

Jessica loving a cushy bed on top of the condos

Biggie Smalls & Meredith both exploring

Maggie enjoying cozy time

Petunia getting some love and bird watching

Smokey giving in to nap time

Waffles showing us how she likes the catio

Jasperr heading into a nap & 
Pearrl exploring the windows on a sunny day

Bunny coming in for some head pets & 
Hugo getting time on the catio

Hana & Yuki napping together

Bear coming out after his nap for some pets

Opal exploring the cat trees and empty condos

Boris is exploring the catio and toys!

Cleo hanging in her condo & 
Jake enjoying his favorite place on the top shelves

Cooper posing so pretty and coming down to get some pets

Millie coming in after some morning window exploring 

Rascal in his favorite place on top of the condos

We will see you all on Monday 04/17! 

-AMK Team 

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