Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24

Such a lovely surprise from one of our customer's! Home grown organic eggs!

Suzy :)

These two could be twins! That's Spike above and Jackson below. 

Kami! One of our sweet, quiet guests.

Kali keeps her angry face even she is sleeping :)

Minka's quite gifted at squinting one eye while keeping the other open 


In case you didn't know, this kitty bed here is MINE. Beau :)

It's okay Buzz, my eyes are always shut in photos too


Oh so content! Buster

Isn't this one just adorable of Gabby? She's been a fun guest to have around 

And now Beau shows off the bed he claimed is his 


That would be Rufus' back leg sticking out there :) He decided to bury himself in all the bedding in one of our outdoor cabins. Clever hiding spot Rufus. Very clever. 

Lulu :)

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