Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Special St. Paddy's Day blog with lots and lots of photos.

Breakfast time at All My Kitties

Kali is first served but she seems to be looking at her neighbor's food.

Her condo door has to be closed because she has food allergies and can't even think of snacking elsewhere.

But soon enough she is out again to challenge her cat world.

Then there is Caruso whose going to make sure absolutely no one else gets his breakfast.

Oh my goodness honey, you're a bit of a pig this morning.

Lulu prefers to dine outdoors while lounging on a heated bed.

Bubba really likes this bookshelf.  We don't make kitties stay in their condos.  They can go to where they feel most comfortable. 

Ahhhh, nothing like a good combing too.


What's this?

Bombay and Bubba sharing a condo?

There's a little posing going on between Pudge and Bombay.

But maybe they can be friends after all.

Ahhh, our sweet Jessica keeps out of it all and watches from her favorite heated throne.

She stops for a little slurp of water.

Then contemplates the cat door to go outside.

Bombay finds love in the stairs.

Love, love, love those corners.

Meanwhile Pudge shows off his muscles.

Darling kitty Radar loves a little head scratch.

But really he prefers the companionship of a different kind of lion cat.

Igor just showing off.

Arina loves to jump from condo top to condo top.

Sometimes you get a good photo in just one shot like sweet Hester here.

And Gabby.

All My Kitties regular guest Lola just arrives this morning.

She's checking everyone out before she comes out of her carrier.  Pudge is very interested in this new kitty guest.

Coco wakes up from a long nights sleep.

She takes a yoga stretch.

Yum yum, canned kitty cat food is her very favorite.

Happy Day!

Your blog host for today - Marie

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