Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3

Yes that would be Hobbes laying on Marie's lap. We like to pamper our kitties here. 

Muggins' disgruntled expressions are truly precious 

Hobbes was really determined to get the printer going.. 

Isis :)

Can you tell which cat is real?

Roo :)

What a pose! Marie and Hobbes

Lulu is simply gorgeous :) and may just need to take this kitty hut back home with her since she is clearly in love with it!

Oh they found my hide out.. .Arina :)

Can you say passed out? Kiki

Sweet Jasper :)

Milo all curled up! 

Cougar! Handsome guy 


Pepper so determined! 

Priceless photo. Pepper and Kowalski!

The Talker. Sparks!

Juliana determined to get in the photo :)

Mary :)

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