Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7th

Isn't this just precious? Hobbes and Isis! Who knew newly acquainted cats could get along this well.. 

Doesn't take much to make Twyla happy! :)

Arina :)

Oh Jazzzzzmine. 

typical Cougar. 

disgruntled Totes. 

Lulu :)

Caruso's back! And he brought his big personality with him

I just wanted to note in this photo that the blue cat bed pictured in the left corner was originally on the heating pad that Sparks in sleeping on. Sparks went through the effort to pull the cat bed off so that he could position himself directly onto the heating pad..

Classic Mittens. 

the new guys!! Yuki and Hana 


  1. lol! my poor disgruntled Totes. I hope he isn't too grumpy for you the next few days!

    1. Ah, it's only the first day. Totes will be out and running around in no time.