Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2nd

Go ahead, make yourself at home Pepe.

 I'm sure Hugo doesn't mind.


This little guy is just too cute.
Arina =)

Hi Roo! He's scoping things out.

Little Lulu napping =)

Katie!  Look at those little toes! Oh my, what a cutie.

Frankie enjoying this lovely weather.

I think she poses for the camera...

What's out there, Babs?

Bently wants to catch some rays as well.

Kink is such a handsome guy.

Kirby just can't get enough attention

Mia and Gatana looking beautiful as always.

Istra just got here this morning, what a precious little girl.

Buster, would you believe he's always meowing at me? Except when I'm trying to get a picture of course.

Ari loves his little carrier.

Rupert found a mouse!

I think he's happy about it.

Kuro likes to think he's the boss.

Nefi hanging out. =)

Rupert scared both me and Peanut when he decided to jump up here.

Now 'Lil Breesy wants some time with hugo.

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  1. Wow! Everyone loves Hugo. I hope he's being cool about it.