Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30th

Aw look at these brothers!! Pepe and Breesy are back!!

look at those teeth!!! Nefi :)

quite the love bug here, we're loving Hugo's company!

showing off those claws! Good thing he never uses them :) Rupert 

Buster knows where to wait..right where the food is being made!

Arina made her bed :)


new buddies, Buster and Bentley. 

Waiting patiently. for treats I suppose?

These guys rule the top of the stairs.

Katie all snuggled up! 

ready to explore.. Gatana's out on the prowl!

Kirby patrolling the area..he's feeling right at home!

Look who just arrived!! Babs :)

keeping those paws clean!  what a clean kitty you are Frankie

and quite in love with this scratch post

peek a boo!

and for the final pose .. 

our favorite little talker Juliana! what does she have to say today?

Leo! that look shows he is ready to play!

Bentley..yes this is just how he sleeps. what a silly guy

Mia all cozy :) I'm not loving the cold weather either.. 

who is that ball of fur? that's lulu :) 

Lady T popping up from her cozy nap to say hi! This kitty just loves the warmth!

Kuro :)

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