Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 4

Oh, hello, Pepe!

Arina has quite the tail!

Coco stayin' cool in inside.

What a beauty.

Istra listening to some tunes.

Lil Breesy hanging out in this neat house.

Jessica and Kink are making friends!

Roo decided to venture out today.

Mm-mmm! Lip smakin' good! Lulu =)

Bentley napping outside.

Okay, who gave the kids cat nip?

Jessica again. 

Ralphie's got the best view in the cattio.

Jackson enjoying some fresh air.

Pepe doesn't know what to make of this weather. Sunshine? In Seattle?

Frankie stretching =)

Kink can't get enough of the camera.

Istra ventured outside.

Kirby? You okay there? I caught him mid-headshake.

Gracie's thinking about checking out the outside.

Peanut taking a nap.

Hugo can finally get some rest without the kittens around.

Nefi absolutely loves this house.

Lady Tchiang, what a sweetie.

Rupert. =)

I swear, this cat could be a professional model.

Oops, feeling a little camera shy!

Meet our new assistant, Kuro!

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