Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6

Pepe: Wanna play, Breesy?

Hugo enjoying some fresh air while staying comfortable.

Rupert! This sure is one handsome fellow.

Pepe and Lil Breesy again.

Marie's kitty Cordelia came to say Hello!

Lulu and Arina went home today after staying with us for a long time. We're gonna miss this pretty little thing! And of course we'll miss the gorgeous Arina!

Mittens getting ready for the day.

Mia staying cool inside.

Gatana's enjoying the view without having to step out in this heat.

Istra being adorable, as always.


Skippy John's looking out for birds.

Bentley looks a little indifferent about this weather.

New friends Babs and Frankie!

I don't think Mittens knows whether she wants to be upstairs or downstairs.

Action shot! Kink also went home today he really was such a sweet fellow.

Frankie Vs. Mouse Round One

The Beautiful Babs.

What a beauty.

Almost got it!

Mittens can't quite figure out why the pole smells like a cat but doesn't look like one.

Looks like something caught Coco's eye.

Roo staying clean =)

 I think Mittens is very pleased with this kitty bed she found.
Brothers =)

I'm 100% positive Pepe know's how adorable he is.

Can I PLEASE watch cartoons?

Lil Breesy resting while Pepe's distracted.


  1. Coco looks like she's having a good time! We miss you coco! Thanks all my kitties for taking good care of our girl :)