Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 10th

Sweetest George!

Howdy Yuki!

Lovely Leo.

Jackson in action!

Eli's looking dapper today.  

Our favorite Bags!

Leo does a quick patrol around the office.

Phil is the sweetest.

And he has a great meow.  


Welcome Fermi and Newton!

You guys sure do look alike!


George is a fun-loving kitten.

Millie loves the catio.  


Luke is really warming up to the place and he knows which condo belongs to him.

Welcome, Newton!

Jake and Cleo are always together.

...forever and ever!

Lupe can seduce any human with her gaze.  

Maggie, sweetheart!


Hana likes to get about.  

Bootsie baby!

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