Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 6th

Typical Tuesday
At All My Kitties

Rumor has it, Eru & Taiko may have found their furrrever home!
Lupe has claimed a toy!
She carries it everywhere! Dropping it at my feet to throw again.
She loves her mouse so much!
Sleepy baby Yuki

Iden was first in line when the catnip came out!
Leo wasn't far behind...
Leo says this is the best day ever
Oliver prefers to watch from his condo
Iden back in his favorite spot
Little Hana
Bags has such a handsome mug

Leo's got to work out those catnip crazies

Jackson makes a great paperweight

Boots sees a toy!

But can he get it??

Mysterious Elijah

Well hey...!
Mika is getting used a little kitten following her everywhere
Bye bye Hera! See you next time!

Our lovely Queen Candy

Such a pretty face!

Speaking of pretty...

Thats right Pico! You're stunning!

Bye bye sweet Frankie!

Your Blog Host,

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