Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2nd

Groundhogs day for kitties!  

If Frank comes out of his cabin and sees his shadow, there will be five more weeks of winter!

Have you seen your shadow today, Frank?

Newcomer Lupe is a playful girl.

And so curious!

That face!

Boots is just the sweetest guy!

Pretty boy Elijah.  

Oliver is on the move!

Frankie likes having a spot all to himself.  


Welcome, Pancake!

Lupe again, looking transfixed.  

Heavenly Hera.

Haven't you had enough camera time, Lupe?


Yuki and Hana just popped in.

Can you tell that they are twins?

Boots basks on a window spot.  

Iden is out and about!

Elijah has the run of the room.  

Good to see you again, Nina!

Bags is busy at the computer desk.  

Sweetest Candy.

Happy Groundhogs day!

Your blog host,


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