Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 8th

Marvelous Mika.

Maggie the Magnificent.  

Taiko lives for the outdoors.  

Cuties Jake and Chloe just checked in for the first time.  

Who's that sweet kitten in the bookshelf?  George!  


Hello, Bags!

Phil is really laid back.  

Pudge has a secrete hide-away in the bookshelf.  

Welcome back, Pico!

Mika is such a dainty thing.  

Hana, baby!

What's up, Elijah?

Leo is a real cutie.  

And he's also the king of silly faces today.  

Honorable Boots.  

Good to see you again, Figaro!

Lupe is as happy-go-lucky as they come.  


Thanks for checking out all the cool kitties!

Your blog host,


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