Monday, January 13, 2020

January 13th

It's a SNOW DAY!!!

"It's snowing outside and I've got to get to the catio!!!"

Noodles and Nugget have discovered that they love the catio!

Just like two peas in a pod.

Darling kitten Lilly.

This one purrs when you pick her up!

Timmu loves him some window boxes. 

On-Top-Of-Condo Princess Mia.

Investigatory Cassie.

Panther is one COOL CAT.

Oreo is a real cutie!

Jessica surveys her domain. 

Welcome back, Arya!

Ian is really starting to warm up to the place!

Pheobe on the look out for some fun.  

Getting her stretch on. 

Bazbeaux has a fur coat that's perfect for this weather. 

Panther does a once-around the catio.

You get that post, Panther!

Mavis loves her condo.

Mia says it's still snowing!

Cassie is perfection.

Timmu luxuriates on his kitty sofa.

Lilly wants to see what all this cold weather is about.

Mia and Cassie just got done with taunting eachother through the rungs of the chair. 

Jessica always comes running to say hello.

Everyone, stay cozy!

Your blog host,


P.S. Our apologies to our viewers who noticed that Saturday's blog came a day late (Oops-- We forgot to hit the "publish" button!)  Thank you for your undertanding!!!

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