Sunday, January 5, 2020

January 5th

 The last of the Holiday cats are leaving today.  We will miss them but I know they are happy back in their own homes again.

However there are a few kitties still hanging out at All My Kitties.

 Roscoe and his beautiful coat like to lurk around on top of the condos.

But then there's nothing like the comfort of his private space with a refreshing drink at hand.

 L.V. poses for me so I can use Portrait mode on my camera.

I'm not sure what pose I like best.  

OK, I saw this unfold.  Dapper wanted to go out in the Catio.  Puss N Boots said "NO WAY.  I'm not letting you through the cat door."

It was a stand off.  But finnally Puss intimidated Dapper into a retreat so Puss only could use the cat door.  The funny games kitties play.

Sweet Jessica couldn't resist the feather cat toy.

She bats it around for a while.

Then takes a nice long sniff to just check it out.

Pheobe wants to see what all the commotion is about outside the security of her comfy condo.  
She has a ring side seat so she can take in all the action from her high condo. 

 It was pouring down rain when I took this photo of Puss N Boots out in the catio.  He could care less about the rain since he was covered and laying in a heated cat basket.

What big eyes you have Timmu.

  It doesn't get much cuter than this.  Mia is so comfy just laying on top of a cat condo where it's nice and warm.

Timmu finally discovers the window veranda and LOVES it!

He's wondering what took him so long to go out there and be in the fresh air while looking at all the birdies fly by.  YEAH BABY!

Scout looks very stoic on his carpeted perch.

What a pretty kitty Goose is with a lion hair cut.

 Marci decided to hang out in the window veranda too.

But Timmu wants back.  No luck Timmu.  It's presently occupied.  You'll have to come back another time.

I can't get enough of Timmu's owl eyes.  

We have a Marci and Merci this week.  This is Merci looking mighty comfortable.  Sorry to bother you Merci for the photo shoot.  You can go back to sleep now.

Time for all of us at All My Kitties to get some rest too.  Thank you for tuning in.  
Your blog host - Marie

Camera shy today - Rocky.  Actually he wouldn't sit still for the camera because he was having too much fun.  Let me know if you want more photos of your kitties at  

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