Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 2nd

Kitties are ringing in the new year with love of love!

Tiger always comes running when he's called.

Quincy the Triumphant!  

Orca rocks the black and white look.  

Rocky is full of purrs today. 

Jovial Janeway.  

Pepper giving us the run around.  

Pretty boy Puss "N" Boots.  

Fantastic to see you again, Pheobe!  

Maggie keeps an eye on all the action by the door.  

Courageous Quincy.  

Leveon is such a nice BIG cat.  

He's a muscle man!  

Mabel is content to hang out in her basket.  

Dipper on his door-greeting shift.  

Archer has been busy exploring today and is happy to return to his condo.  

Marci appreciates a nice window spot.  

We can't get enough of Garth!  

Scout with an intrancing look in his eyes.  

Darling Merci.  

Lovely Mia is as sweet as can be! 


Timmu found a spot all to himslf on top of the office supplies.  

Wane would like to win your affections.  

He never fails!

Gotta love that goofball!  

Orca with her modelesk good looks.  

Charming Pepper.

Tiger is a handsome fella!  

Happy New Year!

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