Friday, January 17, 2020

January 17th

Welcome to the MLK holiday weekend blog.

 Anaastasia is quite the explorer.  I find her in everyone else's condos.

 Lilly is one of our cute little  kittens we have boarding with us.

 I can always discover Elsa by her tail.

 Simon is a regular here at AMK.  Welcome back Simon.

 Phoebe has something to say.

 My cat Charles likes to hang out in the heated cat cabin.

 Ana and Elsa are distracted by something or someone.

 Toby is a very comfortable guest and a sweetie.


 Jessica is a very sweet kitty.

 Here comes Mavis.  I wonder if she has a cat door at home?

 New guest Bell-Pepper.

 Mavis is a climber too.

 Grace and Polly find security with each other.

 Kitten Cassie
Kitten  Lilly

 Yuki or Hanna?

Toby likes to explore but also like the comfort of his own condo.

Here goes Ana again looking into someone else's condo

Up Up she goes.

Surprise Ana! 
This is Maisie's condo and I'm not sure if she wants intruders.  hgytttttttttt Maisie loves laying on her scratch pad.


 Baby kitten again.
 Cassie blends into the floor
 Then she trys out the window veranda and discovers wonderful flying things in the yard.

 Ian loves the heated basket in the catio




 Phoebe cuddles up in a crate.

 Hi Millie

 Show us your claws Mavis

 Sweetie Jessica.


Have a great holiday weekend.

Your blog host - Marie

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