Wednesday, May 12, 2021

May 12th

 May 12th, 2021

It's a calm, sleepy day here at AMK! Everyone is either finding the best nap spots or enjoying the weather - or both!

Jubilee wasn't too happy I woke him up from his nap - but don't worry, he dozed off again pretty quickly.

Clearly, there's a theme for the day... Photo time means waking everyone up. Sorry Bucky, but you looked too cute! 

It took me a minute to find Buzz today - he usually dozes on top of the condos, but had a nice nap on the catio earlier.

Cleo and Jake just got here today - they've been here before, so they are warming up quickly. Cleo gave me some cuddles shortly after I took her photo.

Kitten has really made herself at home. She followed me around during my photoshooting today, helping me find everyone during naptime.

Kiwi totally posed for the camera today. Nothing like a good stretch out in the sunshine!

Lily was another one of my assistants today - she followed me out on the catio to see what everyone was up to.

You can probably tell by the look on Millie's face, but... I also woke her up while she was napping in one of our outdoor dens. 

Mochi has gotten very comfortable exploring the office. She enjoys sitting in the windows most of the time, but will come sit near me if I stay still for too long.

Peanut has absolutely demanded my attention today! She has been so snuggly. She and Bucky also have become fast friends. (I think Bucky hired her to make sure I didn't wake him up from his nap again...)

Penny just joined us today as well, and found the comfiest spot on top of her den.

I think I woke Sebastian up from his nap, too! He was snuggled down in his bed. He seems to really like his condo, and the other kitties like coming to visit him.

Sometimes I have to take my photos of Smokey from a distance - if you get too close, he wants pets! That makes it a little difficult to take his photo.

Sophie seems like the comfiest kitty. No matter where she is, she is mellow as can be. What a lovely lady.

That's about it for us today, friends. We hope your week is going well, and we'll see you again on Friday with even more furry friends!

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