Sunday, May 30, 2021

May 30th, 2021

 May 30th, 2021

Happy Memorial Weekend!

We hope everyone is having a spectacular holiday weekend. It has been sunny off and on today in Seattle. The cats are settling into a quiet Sunday morning. 

Washi is going home this afternoon and will be missed. He is curiously looking into the camera as I snap a quick picture. 

Scout has been scouting out the other cats from the comfort of his condo. 

Roxanne enjoys going out to the balconies to see what is going on in the neighborhood. I often find her snuggling on the computer chair.

Patrick is very adventurous this morning. He is in every corner of the room investigating.

Marley has been up all morning and just settled down for a late morning snooze. 

Chef has been resting inside of the other cat's condo all morning. He could not be bothered by my camera.

Ben knows which condo is his, but he does not mind sharing with Roxanne. He does really well with the other cats and enjoys their company. 

Bayley loves the shelf in her condo. I put a blanket down for her and she immediately curled up on it. 

Almond's outdoor adventures continue as he struts his stuff.

Sisters Bella and Luna are sweet gals! Bella tends to keep to herself out on the catio while Luna loves the top of the condos and happily comes down for pets.

Brothers Dizzy and Louis each have their favorite spots. Dizzy enjoys the warm kitty houses on the catio, while Louis tends to hang out where the people are. 

I caught a picture of Katie yelling at me! She's so sweet and friendly, and oh-so chatty! Really, we have whole conversations.

Cutie Kiwi alternates between hanging out solo and wanting to follow me around for pets. 

Lucy is spending her long weekend catching some fresh air. 

Merlin just LOVED the sunshine today.

Monkey likes the catio, too, and let me give him lots of love. 

Ollie likes to hang out with me indoors. He looks a lot like Dizzy!

I caught Rocky Rockstar settling in for some bird watching today.

Roxy humored me for a few photos, but really wanted to get back to her nap.

Taco and Schooner are both a little shy, so I've been spending some quality one on one time with them. They both like being pet, and Taco is slowly getting braver!

Thanks for checking in and travel safely. Live long and pawspurr.


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