Sunday, May 2, 2021

 May 2nd, 2021

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is finishing up their weekend with as much fun as we are having here at AMK!

Bella and Geno are snoozing away their mornings. They have been investigating the other condos to find who has the perfect bed. 

Bella and Luna have been enjoying the balconies together. They have the coziest set up in their condo and are settling into their cat naps.

Buzz and Kiwi are the sweetest duo. They have been soaking up sun on the catio today.

Cleo has been quitely observing everyone from on top of the day bed. Jake has been more outgoing with the catio.

Dexter and Watson are comfortable inside their condo. They take turns rotating between their favorite spots.

Dolly has been exploring the upper room. Here she is laying on the ground in front of the window.

Harvey is so cute in this basket. He likes to curl up behind the condos.

This picture of Kingston is priceless. He is in awe over his cohorts mishaps around him.

Lily has been glued to the shelf above the catio door this morning. Here she is grooming before the next nap.

Nando likes to cruise around the top of the cat condos. 

Lucy loves her sleep. She gets up occasionally for a quick stretch and then she repositions for more zz's.

Millie has been outside in this catio house all morning.

Nimue spends a lot of time on the second level where it is warmer and more mellow.

Nittany is outside, inside, and upstairs. This kitty loves investigating and getting lots of pets.

Ocho is playing peek-a-boo from inside the safety of the cat condo. 

Petunia is such a doll. Look at her roll around and pose for the camera. She has been relaxing outside all morning.

Raffy does not care to be bothered during his naps so it was tougher to get a photo of him. He snoozes on top of the condos.

Smokey was ready for his close-up. His eyes are glowing green while taking in the sweet smells and visuals outside.

Sophie stayed quite all morning, but has proceeded to figure out her surroundings going into the afternoon.

Sweetums was up and around all morning, but hid when it came to picture time. 

Wally keeps trying to figure out what is on the otherside of the one door he does not have access to. He waits by it for an opportunity to sneak in!

Zeus joined us today for his first adventure at AMK. Welcome Zeus!

It is another lovely day at AMK. The cats are entering into a sunny afternoon. 


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