Thursday, March 17, 2022

March 17th, 2022

 March 17th, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's day, everyone!! While every kitty may not be wearing green today, a few of our guests were willing to participate in a little holiday fun. Shiloh, Marie's own kitty, was willing to wear some pretty green beads for us earlier! (pictured above) Plus, we have Guinness himself here with us today, so that fits right into the tradition of the holiday!

Miss Stevie is still adjusting to staying with us. She is a HUGE fan of her basket! It keeps her cozy and safe. While she hasn't decided to explore the entire cattery yet, she does come out and let us snuggle her for a little while - and man, does she have THE softest fur!

RB was another good sport about the various accessories we offered him! This sweet guy has his BFF arriving later today... Chip, we can't wait to see you!

Rascal continues to be the sweetest little cuddle bug. He's been spending a lot of time with Ani, who seems like she doesn't want to be friends - but Rascal is patient and kind and just sits nearby her while she naps.

Petunia humored me with a little St. Patty's bandana! It looks great on her. I think she actively enjoyed wearing it.

Patrick was thrilled by some green streamer-type decorations I brought out! They made for a great toy for a few minutes.

Precious Nala is already styling with her cute flower collar - it doesn't get any cuter than that! She likes to sit in the office chair when I get up, and with that face... I have a hard time convincing her I need to sit down, too.

Mochi is loving the window seat today, even though it's a little dreary and overcast. She was interested in our St. Patrick's day garb - not to wear, but to play with!

Mak has been spending a lot of time with Duncan and Lily! The three of them hang out on top of this condo at the top of the stairs. It's a nice cozy place for a nap.

The man of the hour himself, Guinness, with his sister Jasmine! They've been having a lovely day. I think the St. Patrick's day spirit is abundant with Guinness - he's been adventuring all over the office today!

Garak and Seven are having a nice day! They both got to spend some time outside on the catio, which is a wonderful pastime. Even when it's cloudy, there's still birds to watch!

Like I mentioned before, dynamic duo Duncan and Lily have been keeping totally cozy in their special spot upstairs! They were kind enough to share their basket with Mak. Everyone is being very friendly today!

Doodle found this perfect little hidey hole the other day and has spent as much time in there since. It's got a heated bed, it's nice and cozy, sort of tucked away from everything, but Doodle can still peek out and see what's going on! 

Athena was very cautiously curious of my St. Patty's decorations, but she had a good time sniffing and playing with them for a few minutes! 

Lego and Arwen have both been so adorably cuddled in their condo today. I've caught them snuggling together a few times now, and it's just so precious!

And last but not least, our gal Ani! Ani usually loves the inside of her basket, but she recently discovered the top of the basket makes for a good bed, too. She's been napping here today while Rascal hangs out on the shelf next to her, keeping her company while she rests.

That's it for today, folks! Make sure you've got a bit of green handy today or else you'll get pinched! 💚😜

See you all again on Saturday!

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