Thursday, March 3, 2022

March 3, 2022

 March 3rd    

Happy Thursday, Everyone! 

Our furry friends are having a great time today! Everyone is very playful! I think they love the warmer weather!

I must apologize for the blurry photos! My phone was having a hard time focusing today! I am not sure why and all the cats were on the move! 

Chip loves to run around with RB! They are both about the same size and age! They love to chase each other around the catio and roll around on the floor together! 

Cindy was on guard duty today! She made sure to let me know every time she saw anyone out of the window! 

Coco has very  playful today! He has been running around this afternoon like a crazy cat! Lilly enjoys watching his enthusiasm from the top of the condos! 

Elsie is back after a long hiatus! She is settling in well! She is not interested in being friends yet but she has been busy exploring her condo!  

Seven decided to hangout on the top shelf today! Since she was not interested in the photo shoot, I added a couple extra of Garak! Garak was very busy exploring today! He was everywhere! 

Simba is having a very relaxing day! He did most of his exploring in the morning! He was looking for the right place to nap! He also might have made a new friend in Garak! 

Izzy found her new favorite spot! She loves to hangout on the heating pad and watch the world go by! What a photogenic kitty! 

Miss Kira is now officially our door greeter! She is very charismatic and everyone loves her! She is very vocal as well so she always tells us when someone is arriving! 

Leo and Will love the top of the stairs! Will loves to sit at the very top and look down onto the catio! Leo is more a home body and loves his condo! 

Oreo and Panther are both extremely friendly! Oreo is currently sitting in my lap as I type this out and Panther is seated on the back of my chair! I have to be very careful to not disturb either! It took Oreo a long time to find the right spot!

Otis is obsessed with the window boxes! He loves in watch the garden! It is difficult to actually get a photo of him looking outside because as soon as I come over, he exits the window box in search of snuggle!

Rascal is a lover not a fighter! He loves cuddles and snuggles more than anything! He loves to be held and cradled like a baby! Too cute! 

RB is a wild child! He is constantly in motion and loves to stick his head into everything! He is too funny! 

Spark loves his condo! It is at the center of the room so it is easy for him to see everything that is going on in the office! He likes to give his opinion on everything!

Valyria was out and exploring today! It was difficult going a good photo of her because she was constantly on the moves! She loves exploring the closet and other hidden places!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats’ claws all curve downward, which means that they can’t climb down trees head-first! Instead, they have to back down the trunk!

We will see you all on Saturday!

 Have a wonderful end of your week! 



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  1. Awwww, good to see Garak out and wanderin~ youll know when seven gets used to you from all the talking hahahaha