Saturday, March 5, 2022

March 5, 2022

 March 5th 

We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

Our furry friends are enjoying the sun and warmer weather!

RB loves the catio! He loves running up and down the stairs! He hates any closed door or when anyone leaves the room! He is such an energetic cutie! 

Chip has become good friends with RB! They love to play together and run around! Chip is always sure to let RB know that she is the boss!

Chip and RB playing on the stairs! 

Arti and Mini are back! They have settled into their favorite condo quickly! They have spent the day relaxing and relearning their condo! 

Bootsie and Puss 'N' Boots have settled in like they never left! Puss "N" Boots has a good routine of spending the days on the catio and the nights inside! He likes the heating pads! Bootsie is very comfortable in her condo! 

Cindy is another vocal gal! She has decided that she loves the bed on top of the computer! She likes being able to look down on me! 

Coco and Lily have really warmed up! They both love snuggles and exploring! Coco loves to play with the other cats as well! 

Clovis is back! He has been much more relaxed than his pervious stays! I think he is more comfortable now with our routine!

Ernie and Goldie are new friends! They have spent the day exploring their condos and hanging out together! 

Elsie has warmed up a lot since she arrived! She is not interested in exploring but the two of friend have become friends! She enjoys a good head rub! 

Friendship! Coco and RB playing together!

Garak and Seven having been doing a lot more exploring! Seven is much more shy and loves to be up high! Garak is much more bold and loves to run around the catio!

Izzy has made her favorite spot and she will stay with it! Every morning, she tries out new napping spaces only to be let down! It is not long before she heads back to the best spot!

Kira is heading home tomorrow! She had a wonderful stay and we will miss her! We look forward to her next stay! 

Leo and Will have settled in quickly! Leo enjoys hanging out in his condo and a good head rub! Will has started to explore more and more! Today, he was out on the catio!

Oreo and Panther love to hangout with me as I work on the computer! Oreo will sit in my lap while Panther sits behind me! 

Otis is not as interested in making friends! He loves people but is not interested in the other cats! He is much too interested in watching everything outside!

Rascal is the most cuddly! He loves to be in someone's arms! As soon as I go over to his condo, he insists on being picked up and taken on a walk! 

Spark is a very vocal guy! He will tell you what he wants and when! He has been very playful! He loves to roll around with his toys! 

Valyria loves her peace and quiet! She loves to hangout with Seven at the highest point of the room! She always makes sure to be in her condo in time for dinner! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday!



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  1. Yay!! I’m glad Seven and Garak are starting to get used to things, I miss the little guys so much