Friday, March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

 March 25th 

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Our furry friends are looking forward to the weekend!

Garak and Mantou are becoming friends! We love seeing furry friends making friends!

Roxanne has her morning scratch post session! She looks like she is either very annoyed about the photo shoot or she is still asleep. What do you think?

Rascal is doing great! He is very cuddly today and spent the morning in my lap without his cone! He will have his cone back when unsupervised!

RB has made a made a new friend in Garak! His youthful energy has really helped some of the shier kitties open up and start to explore!

Garak and Seven are having a great time! Garak loves running around with RB and Seven is especially snuggly around dinner time!

Ani is such a sweetheart! She loves her basket and is always chatting with me when I'm at the computer!

Olive is a very silly kittie! She loves her head rubbed! She is very particular in the way she like to be snuggled and she will let you know about it!

Noodles loves to explore the catio! He loves watching the birds in the garden and seeing the different customers come in!

Mando is a very sweet guy! He loves being with people! He is always the first cat to greet me in the morning!

Mantou is an explorer! He loves following me around as I clean! He is the sweetest little manager! 

Scout misses his buddy, Loki! They loved hangout together and sitting quietly! 

Tula loves the shrimp fancy feast! She has been eating really well! 

Kuro loves his basket! He loves napping in it and on top of it!

Jules is his usually happy self! He loves hanging out with all the shy kitties or following us around!

Haru has been exploring a lot! He likes going into everyone's condos and carries in the closet! He has not yet figured out how to get into the window box but he is working on it!

CAT FUN FACT! Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness!

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all on Sunday!



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