Wednesday, May 17, 2023

May 17th, 2023

 May 17th

Happy Wednesday!

Arthur is having a blast with the fishy toy!

Ash says "it's too toasty outside" and prefers staying cool on the tiles!

Earl and Eddie love hanging out together!

Edgar is smelling all the smells!

Fergus loves to follow us around while we clean!

Hazel is super happy with the sunshine, Soli is more of a shade girl!


Hester Prynnecess is a shy gal who likes to watch everything from her cozy house!

Lenny, Louis, and Goldie all love running around the catio!

Mango is ready for his close-up!

Mishmush is checking out the laundry basket!

Momo is so sleepy, and Nisa Boo is telling us all about the squirrels!

Noodles loves to nap on the catio!

Ollie is showing us how far he can reach, ad Otis is hanging out in his friends condo!

Piper is getting more comfortable everyday!

Raleigh loves napping in her favorite bed!

Rosie's favorite place is the catio, while Q likes relaxing inside where it's quiet!

Ruby spends most of her days curled up in this cat tree!

Sam was snoozin' away!

Selina loves to say hi for pets, and Zuri likes playing with the other kitties!

Shibden and Fennel both hanging out in their favorite spots!

That's all for today,
see you back here on Friday!
😁😁-AMK Team

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