Friday, May 5, 2023

May 5th 2023

 May 5th

Astra took a trip out to the catio today!

Babka is relaxing after breakfast!

Bennie and Fredi love following each other around!

Billie checking out the office!

Brutus and Hyra snoozin away!

Catsby and Cheese decided to nap in their condo this afternoon!

Nagi loves to roll around while Fennec prefers the catio!

Iggy came out to get some fresh air, while Harry is hanging out with his pal fennel!

Mina giving us the biggest yawn!

Nisa Boo is ready for her close up, while Momo is happily relaxing in her condo!

Panther and Oreo are getting much needed pets after breakfast!

Punky says "high five" and Rickon in is usual nap spot!

Quincy loves the catio, it has all his favorite nap spots!

Stevie, is that you or a bobcat?

Ziggy enjoying pets and lots of playtime!

Sylvia bird watching!

Duck exploring the catio, lots of things to see!

Fennel and Shibden are relaxing for the day!

Noodles is staying nice and cozy in the heated beds!

Tracer is still getting use to all the kitties, but is staying very cozy in their house!

Sprinkles did some exploring this morning but came back to her condo for a nap!

Mango checking out the other cats cozy condos!

Tula is on the hunt for a second breakfast!

That's all for today,
See you back here on Sunday!
-AMK Team

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