Sunday, May 21, 2023

May 21, 2023

May 21, 2023

Happy Caturday AMK Fam!

 Noodles asking for attention from the top of the condos and also exploring the cattery

Mango in his favorite basket, posing on top of the condos and 
showing us that he is a cat tree professional 

Sam showing us his scratcher skills and hanging under the chair with Piper hanging on the top

Arthur showing all the ways he relaxes

Raleigh being the cutest while napping

Mishmush doing all the exploring in all the places!

Edgar enjoying time in the window and napping after exploring 

Ash exploring the cat trees on the catio

Elsie relaxing in her condo

Smokey hanging out in the window of his condo and also exploring the tops of the condos

Bazbeaux fully relaxed on the catio

Harvey posing for the camera
Toph hanging out in their condo and getting some 
attention from our cat wrangler
Maple always out exploring!

Billie hanging on the catio with Bazbeaux

Esme getting some catio time in
DeAndra eyeing up the spot in the window and then relaxing in the window
Toru hanging in their condo, still warming up 
on their first full day at AMK!

Piper hanging uder the desk while I do paperwork, hanging out on the chair with Sam and also enjoying Sam's cactus bed. They are becoming good friends. 

We will see you all on Tuesday!

-AMK Team

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