Monday, May 8, 2023

May 7, 2023

May 7, 2023

There was a lot of relaxing going on today with the sun out

Fitting for a Sun-day!

Fennec hanging in a heated bed and Nagi posing on the catio

Punky on the top of the cat tree and Rickon getting some attention and playing on the catio

Astra after some treats

Harry getting the scratcher and then resting on the high shelves
and Iggy found his favorite cabin, per his usual

Tula exploring and just being so so cute

Mina exploring the catio and 
letting us know she is helping

Brutus and Hyra both being very photogenic on the catio

Nisa getting that scratching post and
 Momo playing with the string feather toy

Stevie comes out for pets!

Babka playing, scratching and just being cute

Duck explored and 
found the beds on the shelves today

Fennel coming in for head pets and 
Shibden made a friend in Tracer. 
They hung out all day. 

Sprinkles learning the ins and outs of the catio

Sylvia exploring the windows and then napping after the adventure

Catsby  says why did you wake me? 

Cheese tentatively coming out to explore

Tracer found the catio today. 
They are getting braver!

Mango exploring the catio and the sink. 

Panther getting some attention and scratch time and Oreo discovering the window boxes

Billie playing and relaxing, the life of a cat

Noodles enjoying a sunny catio day

Bootsie coming out for attention and 
Puss N Boots enjoying the time in a bed on top of the condos

Tony resting and playing with Mina

Schrodinger exploring his condo 

and getting catio time

See you on Tuesday! 

-AMK Team

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