Thursday, May 9, 2024

May 9, 2024

 May 9th

Happy Thursday!

Punky and Rickon love the sunny catio!

Merlin and Ollie are catio professionals

Max and Sasha are exploring everywhere!

Tula is exploring all the places today

Beau napping in Laptop's condo

Coco finding all the cozy spots

Ruby found a cozy basket

Bayley loves to watch the other cats from the top of her cubby

Kiki exploring around today and 
Thora enjoying bird watching from the window

Daji coming out for some pets

Laptop hangs out with Beau

Fennec and Nagi both enjoying the catio

Phil has discovered the catio! He loves bird watching

Nala is out exploring and Pixie watching bird from her condo,
 she's still warming up for her first stay. 

We will see you on Saturday! 
-AMK Team

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