Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May 1, 2024

May 1st

Happy May 1st everyone!

Ben love taking over the office chair for naps!

Charlie is extra curious today!

Edie found a super cozy bed!

Scarlet and Felix are extra sleepy today!

Trudy got some playtime in while Freya did some bird watching!

Goose looking extra fluffy puffy today!

JuneBug and Tom Wizard both enjoyed lots of pets!

Merlin and Ollie are getting their tan on!

Max and Sasha love all the attention!

Momo says "hey I'm bathing here" Nisa is just enjoying the view!

Punky showing off his best punky face, Rickon waiting patiently to get picked up for cuddles!

Roxanne made a cozy fort out of her bed!

Saba loves to say hello to all the other cats!

Tommy is sneaking down to the catio!

Tula says "hello I'm sleeping here!"

That's all for today
see you back here on Friday!
-AMK Team


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