Saturday, July 6, 2024

July 6, 2024

 July 6th

Happy Saturday,
 we hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Saba likes the new toy!

Rocky with a big stretch after his afternoon nap!

Cooper picked an up high shelf today!

Zuli thinks this tube is super comfy but also likes to be outside

Apollo with cuteness at the top of condos

Jelly drawing you in with is cuteness

Waffles hanging out on the catio

Harvey giving some cute poses!

Wawa does all the expolring!

Bazy wants to know when is dinner!

Batman is checkling out the catio!

Biggie and Meredith are enjoying the fresh air before it gets too toasty!

Zeus loves his basket bed!

Brio staying cozy!

Celia always keeping her eye on the birds!

Shackleton and Cousteau are enjopying the breeze!

Greta is checking out all the other beds we have!

Jhayco is a very curious kitty, he has been exploring the office today and making friends!

Jules is acting as the stair monitor today!

Kira say "hello up here!"

Luna is snoozin away!

Patrick is taking a break after lots of morning playtime!

Quinn showing us his best pose!

Roxanne took over the chair and had a lil rest along side Ben!

Waffles loves the head scritches, Toots loves pets all over!

That's all for today
see you back here on Monday!
-AMK Team

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