Wednesday, July 10, 2024

July 10, 2024

 July 10th

The kitties have been recharging!

Wawa enjoying sleeping time in the box

Coutseau and Shackleton relaxing on the catio

Celia staying cozy

Kira loves her cushy thrown

Jhayco coming in for this close up! 

Zeus waiting for us at the top of the stairs

Cooper giving the cutest pose from his cubby

Rocky Rockstar knows how to stay cool in this hot weater

Charlie hanging in their condo and Percy getting pets on the catio

An'An enjoying a mid day treat

Oliver coming to check whats going on at the top of the stairs

Ruby says "when is dinner!"

Tartare and Toro staying cozy as they get to know us 

Mr. Will returned to his cozy bed after exploring 

Chloe says "it's warm on the catio today, 
my condo is so much cooler"

We will see you Friday! 
-AMK Team

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