Monday, July 8, 2024

July, 8, 2024

 July 8th

Happy Monday!
We hope everyone is staying cool today, the kitties are enjoying the nice a/c we have inside!

An'an spent all morning in the window looking at the birds!

Arya Stark thinks the top of her bed is the cosiest!

Celia is enjoying the view on the catio!

Cooper got in lots of playtime today!

Cousteau and Shackleton are enjoying the fresh air before it gets too hot!

Jhayco is snoozin' away!

Wawa has decided the sink is the best place to hangout, silly Wawa!

Keely loves her cozy bed and is very curious about all the toys!

Kira said "lets do a silly one!"

Oliver found the best hidey bed for nap time!

Charlie and Percy love to hangout together in their condo where it's nice and cool!

Quinn is full of energy and loves to play!

Zeus enjoying all the pets!

Rocky is taking it easy today!

That's all for today
see you back here on Wednesday!
-AMK Team

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