Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 31st

🎆Happy New Year!!🎆


 Cozy Archer

 Sneaky Cyan

Scout hanging out in the window box.  

 Peeping Data

 Sweet little Dipper

Curled up Duncan

Curious Janeway

 Gorgeous Jazz

 Korra chillin'

 Lounging Lily

 Miss Mabel

The marvelous Maggie

Miss Merci

 It's Mia!

 Precious Mona

 Interesting Orca

 Handsome Oyster

 Perching Pepper

 PUSS!  In Boots

 Comfy Quincy

 Stuck between a Rocky and a hardplace 😂

 Tame Tiger


Party on Wayne!  Party on Garth!


See you cats next year!

Your Blog Host 

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