Wednesday, March 17, 2021

March 17th.

What a beautiful day it is for Q-Tip, and all the kitties,
to enjoy the catio.

I'm very glad Q-tip has a name tag on because we have bookend kitties here today.

And here's the other bookend. Tucker!

Ahhhh, there's nothing like a roll on the warm asphalt.

Someone else arrived today and Tucker and Nimue are checking out what or who's in the box?

It's Oyster! Welcome back!

Nimue thinks it's a purrfect day to be out in the catio.

It's a bit chilly but sunny.

Nimue is enjoying the sunshine while spying on Q-tip, or is it Tucker?
Nimue is such a good looking kitty, don't you think?

Q-tip retreats back to his condo.

Smokey is standing guard on top of our cabinet.  

"Are you here to feed me?" says Smokey.  Soooon boy.

We hope you had a great, green day today.  Thank you for looking at our blog.

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